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A Belated Look Back at 2015 (part 2): Choice Cuts and Leftovers

Note: Part One can be found right here.

Rondo Awards
For the second year in a row, the Dark Discussions Podcast has been nominated to receive the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award in the category or Best Horror Multi-Media or Podcast. It was a great honor to be nominated the first time, but now I think they suffer from impaired judgement.

Choice Cuts of 2015

It's Oscar Night again,  so time for my list of awards for last year. Note that the categories and awards are based on whatever I feel like at the moment, and not in any way intended to promote any social agenda or to improve upon society.

(Note: To spread the wealth, a film that wins one Favorite Film award will be bumped from consideration for others, else WWDITS would take horror, comedy and vampire with ease).

Favorite Film, any genre:
This is a tough call, but I'll go with Ex Machina, with What We Do in the Shadows as my runner up.

Favorite Horror Film:
As discussed in Part One, What We Do In the Shadows. 

Favorite SF Film:
The Martian: Word is that volunteers for astronaut training shattered records this year. I'm sure The Martian had something to do with that.

Favorite Action Film:
Mad Max: Fury Road

Favorite Comic Book Film:
Ant-Man almost by default. Age of Ultron came out bloated, and Fantastic Four was just a mess, so the competition was thin, but Ant-Man stood tall regardless. That said, Agent Carter was probably my favorite comic book adaptation, despite being confined to the small screen.

Favorite Comedy:
A lot of options this year, but Zombeavers has to take it.

Favorite Nature Horror:
The Hallow: Might be a stretch to call this nature horror, but it fits for me.

Favorite Zombie Film:
Wyrmwood: It'd make a solid double feature with Dead Alive or Fury Road.

Favorite Vampire Film:
From the Dark, a lean, tense cat and mouse game set on an Irish farm.

Favorite Werewolf Film:
When Animals Dream

Favorite Found Footage Film:
Creep: Despite protests from legions of movie watchers, this sub-genre is still going strong. Creep may be the best in class, but films such as The Visit and Unfriended are keeping it viable.

Movie I am most sorry I missed in theaters:
Hateful Eight: I have heard mixed things, but this is the first Tarantino film I missed in theaters since Death Proof (before that it was Reservoir Dogs).

Film I am going to watch more than any other:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Runner up: Jurassic World

Best Creatures:
Digging Up the Marrow

Cheese of the Year:

Deserved Better Fate:
Han Solo. Runner up: Crimson Peak

Best Kill:
As Abe Spiney called it "the human pistachio" from Bone Tomahawk. Runner up: Creep

Favorite Moment of 2015:

Worst Film:
Jupiter Ascending. And Eddy Redmayne should have his SAG card revoked for his work here.

Best Cameo:
Terry Gilliam, in Jupiter Ascending.

Best Ending:
The Hidden.

Worst Ending:
The Gallows

Most Disturbing Moment:
Tubby time, Creep. Runner up: "Pie" in the face, The Visit.

Quote of the year:
"We are werewolves, not swearwolves."

Best Dick Joke
Zombie dick, Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Runner up: wolf dick, Wolf Cop.

Hero of the Year:
Nux, from Mad Max: Fury Road. Runner up: Finn

Villain of the Year:
The Purple Man, from Jessica Jones.  Runners up: Kylo Ren, Immortan Joe

Career Boost:
Oscar Issacs for Ex Machina, Star Wars, and Show Me A Hero

Career Block:
Josh Trank - Fairly or not, the blame for Fantastic Four falls on his shoulders, and then he gets dumped by Star Wars. Ouch.

I mentioned in Part One that I had a number of films that were competing for the final 3 slots in my top 20 horror film list. These are the leftover films, all of which I would recommend. 

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: Iranian vampire film. Striking visually, thematically rich and moody, but not exactly a thrill ride. If you liked Only Lovers Left Alive this should work for you.

Alleluia: A fictionalized telling of the Lonely Hearts Killers.

Bloodsucking Bastards: Office Space meets vampires.

Closer to God: A modern Frankenstein tale about the first human clone. Works as horror or SF.

Cub: Discussed on this blog here 

Extinction: Matthew Fox goes to the apocalypse with a unique zombie twist.

From the Dark: Irish vampire film.
Landmine Goes Click: Interesting revenge flick that went a bit too far in its final act for my tastes, but the first hour is strong enough to earn a recommend. Also the subject of a recent DDP episode.

The Last Shift: Rookie cop stuck guarding a haunted police station. Discussed in DDP episode 211

Maggie: Surprisingly sentimental Ahnold zombie movie.

Pod: Is-he-crazy-or-are-there-aliens thriller.

Voices: Deadpool plays a lonely man who's talks to his pets.


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